Using our compassionate mind to change our inner critical thoughts. Sam ColemanFeb 27 · 5 min read How we can alter our inner critic to become more compassionate and kind to ourselves. Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash We all have the inner critic. It’s a loud voice that makes us feel rubbish about ourselves and can keep us from … Continue reading

Anxiety and Threat

Anxiety is our natural response to fear. A long time ago, humans had to have a certain amount of anxiety to survive!  Being faced with a rather large predator we needed to feel fear and anxiety in order to run. Our mammalian brains would switch on the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response, which set our hearts … Continue reading Anxiety and Threat

The Use of Mindfulness in Therapy

The term ‘mindfulness’ is everywhere.  What is it and why is everyone talking about it?  Mindfulness is about noticing exactly that; when our minds are full.  This article explores what mindfulness is and how we can use it in everyday life, as well as in therapy, to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. … Continue reading The Use of Mindfulness in Therapy