Questions and Answers

Q. What happens in counselling?

A. Counselling is a place to explore You! It is an opportunity to talk about your feelings, thoughts and to begin to understand yourself. It can be viewed as your self care time. You will never be judged, and you take the lead in what it is you wish to explore.

Q. What happens in the first session?

When you first come to counselling we will explore what your issues are and what your main goals are that you wish to talk about and work on. There may be a number of issues and you will be asked which feels more urgent to you at this time.

We will eventually cover everything that you wish to explore in a number of sessions. This first session is a ‘getting to know you’ session. Over the next sessions I will begin to understand you more and we will build a therapeutic relationship. I will endeavour to put you at ease to enable you to begin to build trust in me.

Q. What if I feel worse?!

A. When exploring your feelings and thoughts, there are bound to be moments when you feel upset and wish to push down what it is that is disturbing you. I urge you to bring your feelings to the surface where possible, and allow them to be explored in the counselling room. Sometimes, this can feel worse but in the long run you will feel a sense of release. You will begin to feel an improvement over time.

Q. Do I need counselling?

A. If you feel that you need to speak to someone that isn’t close to you about what you are experiencing then counselling can help you. People go to counselling for many different reasons. Some are confused and do not understand why they are struggling. Some need help with a very definite issue. Some feel anxious or depressed and do not understand why or where that feeling suddenly ‘popped up’ from. Whatever the reason is, I can help you to clear away the fog and we can explore what it is that you are experiencing.

If you have further questions then please do get in touch. I will answer any questions that you have with no obligations.