Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Psilocybin Therapy: How Magic Mushrooms are Fighting Mental Illness

Using psychedelics as a therapeutic modality is experiencing a renaissance.  There is much research going on worldwide about the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.  Alongside psychotherapy they can be an incredibly empowering tool and much knowledge and insights can be gained with using these plant medicines.

Much of psychedelic integration is about preparation work and then integrating the psychedelic experience into our lives afterwards.  Often, the psychedelic experience can be difficult.  With the help of an experienced therapist you can explore the experience that you have had in a safe, confidential space, and make some sense of it.

Maybe you are planning to use psychedelics as medicine or about to go to a retreat and wish to do some preparation work with a therapist.  Or you may wish to integrate what you have learnt from using the medicine and need to talk to someone who understands.  Please feel free to contact me for further information.  All correspondence will be strictly confidential. I am an experienced therapist with a vast knowledge of psychedelics for therapeutic use. I also have experience in the therapeutic use of psychedelics.  Due to the current UK legislation of psychedelics please note that I am unable to supply the plant medicines.