Anxiety and Threat

Anxiety is our natural response to fear. A long time ago, humans had to have a certain amount of anxiety to survive!  Being faced with a rather large predator we needed to feel fear and anxiety in order to run. Our mammalian brains would switch on the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response, which set our hearts … Continue reading Anxiety and Threat

Growth through change.

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Why do people seek counselling? Usually, but not always, it is a desire to change. They know that something in their lives is not right and that they feel stressed or anxious or a sense of ‘stuckness’; of not moving forward. It is desire to go to someone who is trained in helping them to unravel their thoughts and to understand their emotions.

Each client has the inner resources and strength to become their true selves. Like a tiny acorn that grows into a strong oak tree.

What counselling does is to show you where your inner resources and strengths lie. When we are so confused, depressed and unsure, we forget what our strengths are and how we have used them in the past to help ourselves. A counsellor can help us to rediscover our sense of self that might have become buried under the…

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Fear of failure

Still I Rise Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

How many times have you not done something that you really want to do for fear of failing? That leap of faith can be terrifying. And yet when we do take that leap, whether we fail or succeed doesnt matter. We almost always learn valuable lessons from trying.

Think of children who spend a large amount of times trying new things; learning to swim, drawing new things, meeting new friends. As children we learn by failing and trying over and over. Yet when we get into adulthood we become safe in our comfort zones. We become afraid to step out of our comfort zones and try bigger and potentially better things.

We might be stuck in a job we hate for fear of the unknown of moving on. Or afraid to travel to a new country though we would desperately love to explore. Yet think of all of the possibilities…

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The Use of Mindfulness in Therapy

The term ‘mindfulness’ is everywhere.  What is it and why is everyone talking about it?  Mindfulness is about noticing exactly that; when our minds are full.  This article explores what mindfulness is and how we can use it in everyday life, as well as in therapy, to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. … Continue reading The Use of Mindfulness in Therapy