Adapting during difficult times.

Counselling during covid-19.

It’s an understatement to say that it’s been a challenging year. Many of us have seen our lives disrupted beyond what we could have ever anticipated. We are all learning to adapt to a new ‘normal’; whether that’s social distancing at work or trying to work from home with kids under our feet. None of this is easy.

Many of us have experienced a range of emotions, sometimes hourly. These emotions can range from sadness, anxiety, fear, grief, gratitude; it’s a rollercoaster and all of the emotions that we feel are normal responses to our changing worlds. There is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment. We are worried about our futures; how are we going to manage financially? How about our kids futures? What are they going to be like? As humans we don’t like uncertainty. With uncertainty comes insecurity and fear and these are difficult to be with. Our brains are on the look out for the next threat to come along and this keeps us in a state of anxiety. We feel secure knowing exactly what to expect from day to day, yet at the moment we don’t, and furthermore, we don’t know when things will feel OK again.

Many of us have experienced loss and grief during this past year. There may have been death of loved ones which we haven’t yet fully come to terms with. We may be in shock at such a fast changing world and grieving over the loss of what we once knew. There is a sense of a collective grief. Covid-19 has touched us all in different ways. Sadness, anger, despair and fear are all emotions that we may have felt and sometimes it’s so difficult to know what to do with these emotions or we might even feel guilt over how we are feeling; a secondary emotion.

It’s ok to feel a whole range of experiences. Allow these emotions to be; they all belong in these uncertain times and trying to feel anything other is a pointless exercise where you will only feel worse.

I am now counselling remotely through a variety of platforms. I offer telephone, email, and online counselling for those that are struggling. I am offering one off sessions to provide you with tools to enable you to cope. If you wish to continue with counselling after the one off session then that can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I understand that people are not wishing to commit financially at the moment which is my reason for offering this. Email counselling will be offered at £20 each session, which again will provide people with tools that they can use in everyday life as well as exploration and help with processing emotions and thoughts. Online and telephone counselling is offered at £30 – £40 an hour, allowing for discounts for those struggling financially.

I can offer face to face counselling and this will be limited to a few clients a week. I am offering this at £40 an hour. Please get in touch for more information.

Take care and stay safe x

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