Growth through change.

Still I Rise Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

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Why do people seek counselling? Usually, but not always, it is a desire to change. They know that something in their lives is not right and that they feel stressed or anxious or a sense of ‘stuckness’; of not moving forward. It is desire to go to someone who is trained in helping them to unravel their thoughts and to understand their emotions.

Each client has the inner resources and strength to become their true selves. Like a tiny acorn that grows into a strong oak tree.

What counselling does is to show you where your inner resources and strengths lie. When we are so confused, depressed and unsure, we forget what our strengths are and how we have used them in the past to help ourselves. A counsellor can help us to rediscover our sense of self that might have become buried under the…

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