Anxiety is our natural response to fear. A long time ago humans had to have a certain amount of anxiety to survive! So what happens when everyday worries become anxiety? Or you can’t shake the constant anxiety that you feel but have no idea why? It’s almost as though the anxiety switch in your brain has been flicked to ‘on’ and you can’t switch it back off. It may be that at some point in your life the anxiety served to protect you. If you were raised in an volatile household, for instance, then anxiety kept you on the alert and ever watchful for any signs of danger. Fast forward twenty years and you still can’t shake that feeling even though anxiety is no longer needed.

Feeling anxious means that you are telling yourself that you are in danger and something terrible will happen. Often, we will spend time avoiding what makes us anxious. Each time we avoid something it only makes trying again feel even harder. Our thoughts can create anxiety. “I’m going to do a terrible presentation. I’m sure to fail” This in turn effects how we feel, (tense, sick, shaky) which effects what we think and effects out behaviour and so on; a loop is created.

So, how do you break this loop? Through working with a therapist who can help you to examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The therapist will teach you a variety of techniques that can help you to challenge what you are thinking and alter how you view those thoughts and this in turn will alter how you feel and how you behave.

The therapist will work with you to truly examine what it is you are afraid of. In my work I use CBT, attachment and a non judgemental approach to working with the client to begin to help to shift the anxiety. Together, we will examine what it is that is causing you to feel ‘stuck’ in the loop and how you can move forward. Please get in touch if you are struggling and we can work together to help you break the cycle and become more empowered.

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