Fear of failure

How many times have you not done something that you really want to do for fear of failing? That leap of faith can be terrifying. And yet when we do take that leap, whether we fail or succeed doesnt matter. We almost always learn valuable lessons from trying.

Think of children who spend a large amount of times trying new things; learning to swim, drawing new things, meeting new friends. As children we learn by failing and trying over and over. Yet when we get into adulthood we become safe in our comfort zones. We become afraid to step out of our comfort zones and try bigger and potentially better things.

We might be stuck in a job we hate for fear of the unknown of moving on. Or afraid to travel to a new country though we would desperately love to explore. Yet think of all of the possibilities and all we could learn from going into the unknown. It could take us in new unforeseen directions; some great and some not so great. But we will always learn from trying.

The questions at times like this are what is holding you back? Where did that fear come from? Chances are that you weren’t born with that fear. In counselling, we explore what it is that is preventing you from moving forward towards change. We ask why there is a part of you that wishes to stay safely in your comfort zone, but another big part would love to move out if a rut. Sometimes it isn’t so easy to see and a counsellor will help you to take a step back, view the bigger picture where you can take a closer look at your options.

As we move towards the end of 2019 ask yourself what it was that you wished you had done this year. What stopped you? And can you try next year? If you need a counsellor to help you to explore and understand your fears of moving forward, and to help you towards change please call or message. Samanthaf747@gmail.com. Or call 07387570930

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