Tiny steps into the New Year.

Each moment in this New Year is an opportunity to become the person that you want to be. Instead of looking at the things you haven’t achieved in this last year see each new moment as a chance for each small success.

Resolutions imply that there has been failures. We resolve to lose that weight we gained, or drink less, or get more cash in the bank…because last year we failed at these things. So how about we have a picture in mind of who we would like to be or where we would like to be in this next year and for each tiny step we take give ourselves a pat on the back.

For each small step is a success. Let the self talk be kind, let the small achievements be acknowledged and celebrated, be kind to yourself. Becoming the best version of you does not have to mean perfection. So, be careful with that harsh inner voice and congratulate yourself constantly on showing up and trying.

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