It is common to reflect on the bigger picture or the big questions; “where am I now in life’s journey?  What is my purpose?  Who am I now?” These questions are often considered after a period of change which may leave us feeling lost.

I see these periods of our life as an opportunity to grow, change and transform.  To change what we do not like about ourselves or what we are doing on a daily basis. 

It is times like this when we feel unsettled in ourselves.  In the counselling world we call this being in a state of incongruence. Almost as if there are two selves that are trying to merge into who we are now, today.  The old self may not serve us anymore and we want to change, to transform. Sometimes it may be that we want to drop a facade or a mask and be truly who we are. Or we are trying to move away from expectations of a culture as that is not who we want to be.

Counselling helps us by exploring these uncomfortable feelings that leave us unsettled.  We look at the expectations put onto us that no longer serve us. We look at who we would like to become. 

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