Alanis Morissette wrote about perfection in her song, ‘Perfect’:

“Sometimes it’s never quite enough…be a good boy, try a little harder, you’ve got to measure up to make me prouder.”

Here, Morissette is talking about the messages that we carry with us from our childhood.  We continue them through into adulthood.  they shape how we view ourselves, our relationships and our view of the world.

They might be good messages or they might be our ‘should’s’ or our ‘ought to’s’  I should be able to cope with my work load.  I ough to be able to achieve more.  Ask yourself where these messages come from.  Are they helping you in your life? Or are they hindering you?  Look at your beliefs and ask yourself where those beliefs come from.

We are interesting as humans.  We are born like empty books and each day is a fresh page that gets filled up with messages from ourselves and the outside world. It’s the messages that no longer serve us well that we explore and question in counselling.

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