Self care.

Self care is vital. Without it we suffer from burn out. When we are doing too much we can get anxious,  depressed, short tempered and stressed. Our ‘to do’ lists grow and how can we get it all done? That is when one more thing can tip us over the edge. So what to do about it…

Take a breath! Sitting in a quiet space and focusing on the breath slows down the heart rate and gives our parasympathetic nervous system a break. Just 10 minutes of focusing on our breathing and focusing on our breath going in and out of our bodies can make a huge difference . It can become our ‘go to’ space when things become overwhelming. Focus the attention on the peaceful, quiet space that begins to open up within.

Taking a walk in nature can also help to de-stress us. At this time of the year the colours of the leaves on the trees are beautiful; vibrant  oranges and reds contrasting with the blue sky. Let the eyes take it all in and focus on being in that space, in that moment.

It’s about noticing what is going on for us in the here and now.  Being not doing. In this moment ❤calm-quote

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