The therapeutic relationship


The most important facet of counselling is the therapeutic relationship. When a client feels heard in an empathic, non judgemental way it allows them the freedom to really explore their feelings without fear of being judged. For some clients this may be for the first time.

As children we absorb other people’s views and opinions and develop a sense of the world from that. Our internal world is developed based on how people see us and, in turn, we develop our sense of self from this. We see ourselves as others see us.

Whilst growing up, if our world was one of mistrust, fear and insecurity then it takes a secure, compassionate therapeutic relationship to begin to trust again. To trust in our feelings and to trust in others.

Once we begin to feel held in a safe space we can begin to be compassionate to ourselves and to begin to like and love who we really are. We were once babes in arms, held and loved. We can once again view ourselves in this way and care for ourselves as we truly should do.


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